AJYL - A Job You Love

It begins!

As I write this on 14th Aug 2021, what looked to be a rainy, relaxed Saturday rapidly evolved into a fiery, sunny Saturday.

If I were a character in one of those cringe-worthy soaps about snakes becoming humans, I would take this as a sign that my fortunes are to become equally bright!

cue heavy over-the-top bass background

But I know from experience that nothing really changes that rapidly. And it took me 10 years of working and a couple of mistakes before I understood it. Nonetheless, the learning is this - that learning never ends.

And as such, this is yet another beginning, yet another learning. The difference this time is the hope of being able to help someone else. The pandemic of 2020 was a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, they say, but that's what they said every time there was a major global event anyway.

But there is surely one thing that nobody can disagree with - the pandemic has brought permanent changes in behaviours both in the workplace and about work in general. If I was to search for a job and create a career in 2021, the processes I followed in 2011 will almost certainly not hold, but the principles I followed will almost certainly hold.

That is what I have set out to verify. Do I know enough about making good career choices? Do I know enough that I can help others make good career choices as well? Especially make wiser decisions and avoid stupid mistakes?

I believe I can.

Join me in this journey and tell me how I can help you be a better professional, professionally. ;)

Abhilash Posted 2 months ago

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